Body Massage Gig Harbor


An ultimate relaxation package

Body massage is a generic term that is used to refer to any kind or
combination of massage you may want to get. Our professionals are
experienced massage therapists who make sure that you will have the
experience at SJ massage therapy that is hard to find anywhere else. From a variety of techniques to a variety of massage kinds, you will have the authority to select the massage type or massage technique for yourself.
Regardless of the massage techniques you use, you will have the ultimate relaxation that you would want from your massage session.

Types of massage techniques our professional use

While providing our Body massage Gig Harbor WA, our massage therapist uses various techniques. Sometimes they use different combinations of techniques to ensure that you get a personalized experience with us. Some of the techniques our professionals use are;


Typically our massage therapist uses this technique at the start and finish of a massage treatment. This technique involves lengthy, flowing strokes which aids in body relaxation and muscular warming.


This body massage technique involves the application of pressure in a circular motion. Our massage therapist uses this massage especially when you are suffering from muscle adhesions and muscle knots.


This method stimulates the muscles by tapping in a rhythmic manner, tapping with the edge of the hand, cupping, or hacking motions. Depending on the strength, it can either relax you or energize you. Thus, with this technique, our expert will give you the choice to select the appropriate energy level.

What to expect while getting our body massage?

Generally, our Body Massage Gig Harbor session lasts 60 to 70 min. Like any other massage session, it starts with the initial consultation between you and your massage therapist. Both parties will get to know each other to learn about the needs, problematic areas, and skills. After that massage starts. Unless you ask to start from a certain location, our qualified massage therapist will start it with a head and neck massage then move towards the shoulders, back, and so on.

After the completion of the session, you will have a certain buffer time to soak in the thrill and peace of massage. Then, you can discuss the parts you liked and the ones that you would want to skip in your next session. Long story short, you can design your massage process the way you want with us.

Why do you need us?

When looking for the ideal body massage, the value of a trained massage therapist cannot be emphasized. A skilled massage therapist is knowledgeable about human anatomy, skilled in a variety of massage techniques, and able to customize the massage to meet each client’s needs. With this stance in mind, we choose our massage therapist who can make sure that you get to experience the true thrill of the massage.

The perks of having our massage therapists

The expertise of our massage therapists aids in locating particular muscle tension, exerting the right amount of pressure, and guaranteeing a secure and productive session. Moreover, our skilled massage therapist sets up a relaxing environment, pays close attention to your problems, and modifies the massage as necessary.
You should know that a great massage experience depends on the therapist and the client having trust and communicating with each other. So, selecting the right massage center to have a professional massage therapist can significantly improve your overall massage experience.

Is Body massage or massage therapy the same?

So far, we have focused on what benefits you can have by having your body massage, so you may be wondering what is so different or special about this massage compared to other massage therapies. Well, to be honest, massage therapy is just a term used for almost all kinds of massages. Body massage is a massage that is the fusion of various massage kinds and styles to create a unique massage experience. So, in plain words, body massage is also a kind of massage therapy that you can get to have a soothing and relaxing experience.

The health benefits of body massage therapy are numerous. From deep relaxation and calming effects to pain management, you can have a variety of benefits while getting this massage. Thus, if you want to take a break from your monotonous routine, having a body massage could prove a good getaway for you.