Cupping Therapy Gig Harbor


Our Cupping Therapy Gig Harbor WA is not some new or fancy beauty
advancement. In fact, it is a medicinal procedure that dates back to centuries. Our service is just a replica of ancient practice involving the use of cups that are used for suction. These cups could be of glass, wood, or metal. This ancient technique comes from Chinese, Egyptian, or Middle Eastern culture. At SJ therapy massage we make sure that you get to experience the true essence of this therapy. We want to make sure that you get benefit from this therapy in its true sense.

Principle of cupping

The basic idea behind cupping therapy is to enhance the body’s energy flow and address imbalances in its energy pathways. It helps boost circulation and expel toxins by the suction that cups create. They will mobilize blood flow to the affected area and aid in recovery. The suction’s negative pressure releases muscular tension, lifts connective tissues, and increases lymphatic fluid flow. All in all, suction simultaneously works on different fronts offering different benefits.

Types of Cupping Therapy Gig Harbor WA

Cupping therapy is practiced globally using a variety of techniques, such as:
  • Dry cupping: This method uses suction to create the cups without the need for any further methods.
  • Wet cupping: This technique involves drawing out a tiny amount of blood by creating tiny incisions on the skin following dry cupping. It is said to rid the body of dangerous compounds.
  • Fire cupping: Traditionally, this technique includes applying a flame to the cup’s interior for a brief period of time in order to warm it up and produce suction on the skin. Newer methods, on the other hand, create suction without fire by using cups with pumps.
  • Massage cupping: This technique combines cupping with massage therapy by moving cups over the skin following the application of oil or lotion.
With us you can ask for any kind of cupping described above, however, you need to contact us in advance to learn about the availability of the cupping type. We always offer our services from certified professionals which is why we want you to inquire beforehand to check the availability of the respective expert.

The procedure of cupping therapy Gig Harbor we follow

Before the cupping session, our practitioner talks with you about your complaints, medical history, and goals. Based on this information, they select the proper cups and method.

1. Positioning
Depending on the area that needs to be treated, you would lie down with your face either up or down. To guarantee a proper seal for the cups, the skin is cleansed with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any oils or lotions.
2. Suction creation
The cups are suctioned in any of the following ways:
The cup is placed on the skin after its interior has been momentarily heated by a flame. The skin is sucked into the cup as a result of the vacuum created when the air within cools down.
Modern cups have an attached pump to generate suction without using fire. To generate the required suction, our practitioner presses the apparatus.

3. Placement of cups
After the suction has formed the cups are quickly applied to the skin at particular spots. Depending on your tolerance and the objectives of the treatment, they may be left in place for as little as a few minutes or as long as fifteen or twenty. So, in the end, your pain threshold and your desired results time vary.
4. Sensation
When the skin is sucked into the cup, you may experience a tight feeling.
Depending on the degree of suction and your individuality, this sensation can be minor to powerful. It’s common to feel a pulling sensation or momentary discomfort.
5. Movement (Optional)
By using oil or lotion, our practitioner can move the cups around the skin’s surface during a massage cupping session. Using cupping and massage therapy, this method targets greater muscle groups.
6. Removal of cups
When the predetermined amount of time has passed, the vacuum is
released, either by applying pressure to the skin close to the edge of the cup or, in the case of modern pump-based cups, by utilizing a release valve. You would have the option to select the cups of your desire with us.
7. Aftercare
After the completion of cupping therapy Gig Harbor the cups may leave bruising or markings on the skin, but they are normally transient and go away in a few days to a week. Our professionals will advise on how to recover from a session, such as using calming lotions or avoiding extremely hot or cold environments right away.

Plethora of benefits

Cupping Therapy Gig Harbor WA is perfect for a variety of purposes. Whether you want mental clarity or want to have a feather-light body this treatment can help you achieve your desired health goals. From body detoxification to improving respiratory health cupping is a perfect therapy to start your overall wellness journey.