It is not only a luxury but also a need to take a minute to pamper oneself in the fast-paced buzz of modern life. We recognize the value of renewal at SJ Therapy Massage and provide a sanctuary where you can get away from the strains of daily life. Our knowledgeable Gig Harbor massage therapists are committed to giving you a mind- and body-rejuvenating, unforgettable experience. With our selection of thrilling body massages, explore the art of therapeutic touch and enter a world of relaxation.

The healing power of touch

Our massage therapists are artists who have perfected the skill of healing touch, not merely technicians. Our every Body Massage Gig harbor is tailored to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing a unique and engaging experience. Our therapists are skilled in providing the ideal massage that is specifically customized for you, whether your goals are stress reduction, muscle tension release, or just a delightful getaway.

Specialty massage services

Examine our selection of signature massage treatments, which are sure to put you in a state of complete relaxation. Every method is used with accuracy and care, from the calming strokes of a Swedish massage to the focused pressure of a deep tissue massage. Our therapists fluidly combine several methods to ensure that your well-being is approached holistically.

Swedish massage

Give yourself our Swedish massage Gig Harbor and lose yourself in its timeless tranquility. Long, flowing strokes are used in this mild therapy to enhance blood circulation, reduce tension, and enhance general well-being. It’s the ideal option for anybody looking for a peaceful getaway from the rigors of everyday life.

Deep tissue massage

Our deep tissue massage tackles deeply ingrained muscular knots and resolves persistent patterns of tension for people with specific regions of tension. This is a great therapeutic method for athletes or anyone who has chronic muscle soreness.

Aromatherapy massage

Experience the complete sensory experience of our aromatherapy massage, which incorporates expertly blended essential oils to maximize the therapeutic effects of the massage. A harmonic encounter that goes beyond the tangible and into the world of skillful touch and calming smells.

Hot stone massage

Feel the comforting energy and therapeutic qualities of carefully positioned, heated stones on your body. Heat and massage work together to enhance circulation, ease muscle tension, and foster a deep sensation of calm.

The surroundings of the spa

Our spa’s ambiance is designed to make you feel better all around. A calm atmosphere, calming music, and pleasant scents provide the ideal setting for your massage experience. In order to allow you to completely surrender to the therapeutic benefits of your selected massage, we place a high priority on cleanliness and comfort.

The advantages of regular massages

In addition to providing an instant sense of relaxation, frequent massages have other health advantages. Among the benefits include better circulation, less tense muscles, increased flexibility, and lower stress levels. Regular massages are an investment in your health and well-being that can lead to a more balanced and healthful lifestyle.

Exclusive spa packages

Discover our premium spa packages, carefully chosen to enhance your massage experience, for the height of luxury. Enter in the massage world where our trained Gig Harbor massage therapists combine their skills with excellent treatments. Our spa packages provide a comprehensive approach to relaxation and beauty, ranging from revitalizing facials to calming body washes.

Select a package that suits your needs and let us spoil you in a peaceful haven. It could improve not just your skin texture but it is also great for the body and mind. With our expertly created spa experiences, where every little thing is meant to go above and beyond your expectations, you can take your well-being to new heights and enjoy a sound body and mind.


Take a self-care and rejuvenation journey at SJ Therapy Massage with our professional massage therapists. Savor the luxury of a customized massage that is tailored to your particular requirements. Allow our therapists to assist you in becoming more relaxed, refreshed, and aware of your overall well-being. Make an appointment right now to experience the life-changing potential of stimulating body massages. You and your body both deserve it.