Swedish Massage Gig Harbor

Are you new to the massage world and looking for the massage that suits you best? If so, then believe us Swedish massage is your perfect choice. Although many service providers may be offering Swedish massage, we are confident that the thoroughness our professionals follow would be hard to find anywhere else. From beginning to end, our massage therapists will ensure that you will have the perfect massage.

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is basically the gentlest massage out of all other massage types available. This massage unlike other massages involves mild pressure and works with a sole focus on relaxation. In this massage, pressure is almost non-existent only the gentle touch is involved. Instead of vigorous types of massage, this massage is more of a sensitive kind of massage. various gentle massage techniques are used while providing this massage.

Our Swedish massage procedure

Swedish massage Gig Harbor WA is one of the most sought-after massages at SJ Therapy Massage Center. If you are new here then here is a brief procedure review for you which you will experience while getting a Swedish massage with us.

Initial consultation

  • Our massage therapist will begin by going over your medical history, any particular worries or tense spots, and the goals you have for the massage.
  • Then you will have the space to lie down on a massage table, which is often covered with a sheet or towel, and undress to your comfort level. Our therapist will make sure you’re at ease and positioned correctly on the table.

Massage techniques

  • Effleurage: Using their hands, palms, or thumbs, our therapist will begin with long, gliding strokes to gently apply little pressure along the muscle fibers. This method aids in body warming and gets the body ready for more intense massage techniques if you are getting any later on.
  • Petrissage: To relieve tension and enhance circulation, our therapist may proceed with deeper muscle therapy with kneading, squeezing, rolling, or wringing motions after effleurage.
  • Friction: To target certain regions of tension or adhesions, our therapist would use cross-fiber or circular friction movements, which can help release muscle knots and realign tissue fibers.
  • Tapotement: To energize the muscles, promote circulation, and offer some alleviation, rhythmic tapping, pounding, or cupping motions might be employed. All these techniques would be used in the session in a certain order. Our massage therapist decides that order based on the initial consultation you had. This will help you have a more customized massage experience that works specifically for your issues.

Targeted areas

  • This is the step where your concerned areas would be focused on by our massage therapists. They will make sure that all your problematic areas are covered thoroughly. They infuse the perfect combination of pressure and techniques in your massage so that you will feel pampered and you have the most personalized massage experience. 

End of the massage

  • We encourage our clients to communicate during the massage. Please feel free to discuss any pressure, comfort, or discomfort you may be experiencing during the session with your therapist.
  • Our therapist would exit the room so you can change in private after the massage. In order to help eliminate toxins created during the massage, we advise drinking plenty of water.

Benefits you will enjoy with our Swedish Massage Gig Harbor

  • The soft touches and calming motions create a mood of calmness that lowers tension and enhances general well-being. It promotes a sense of relief for both mind and body, so you would have a comprehensive relaxation package in the form of our Swedish massage.
  • Several of our Swedish massage techniques increase blood flow and
    improve circulation all over the body. This increases the oxygen uptake of your body’s cells and tissue improving their health, thus, improving your general well-being.
  • It can aid in releasing minor pains and strains in the muscles, which
    will lead to increased flexibility and pain reduction. Having regular sessions of this massage can aid you in improving your body’s resistance against pain.
Thus, with its comprehensive benefits Swedish massage is the perfect beginner-friendly massage you will get.